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       First of all, the compound food additives abolish the repeated measurements and dissolutions of individual ones, and the complex adding order during the processing procedure. It is convenient to apply and reduce the quality fluctuations caused by the irrational additive’s quantity and order.
      Secondly, all the single additives are compatible and can be more functional after using compound additives in the food. As a result, the occurrence of misusing food additives incidents will be decreased a lot.
       Lastly, it can shorten the new products’ developing period and reduce the cost. The food enterprises have to keep developing and publishing new products which can meet the customers’ needs to survive in the competitive market environment. While food additives are necessary in new products publishing, and usually not one food additive far from sufficient. It will be a great deal of cost, both on time and money, if the company choose to test the single additives separately by themselves. However, to select published compound food additives will shorten the developing period and reduce the developing cost.
       Compound food additives will definitely become the mainstream of food additive development area. It was pointed out that “compound food additive is an applied technology that correspond to the international development trend, and the synergistic effect creates the conditions for food industry to use compound food additives conveniently.” in the on the second session second council(enlargement) meeting of China Food Additives Applying Industry Association. Our compound food additive industry was stricken severely by some international companies. Our country’s since we became a member of WTO. China compound food additive industry was firstly developed from 1990s and thrived in these years, producing technology has almost catched up with the international standard. However, company’s scale and product’s reputation are still can not compared to the international enterprises.

Not only a type of food additive but also a product with truly healthy image was selected when manufacturers decide to use natural food colors in food. Natural colors’ functions not only satisfy the customers’ needs which concerns health, but also provide a solution about obtaining added value and revenue.

Health is the core trend of food industry.


Most of the main food enterprises keep trying to improve the nutrition science exclusive technology applied in food, and convey the message of how to prevent and cure diseases by introducing products and organizing marketing activities. The future development of food will solve the problem of how to affect health and provide new ingredients and products which are beneficial to health.


Future of functional food:

Three elements that promoting the transformation of functional food:
   ・The genuine health concept in developed and developing countries.
   Food enterprises cultivated new-pattern consumers who concern about health for potential market.
   ・Shareholders’ request about profit increasing
       Profits shrinks and sales grows slowly under the high competitive market environment, functional food can be treated as a way to obtain more added value and revenue.