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Information About Food Base And Spice
      Japanese ramen has unique elasticity, luster, flavor and color of flour. It is easier to make ramen with ramen element. The taste of ramen is decided by the quality of wheat flour, water and way of kneading, the soda water with alkalinity additives effects a lot in Japan.

       You can make tasty ramen only by mixing the ramen element with the water.
1. For fresh noodles:
       Adding 200g (0.8%)ramen element in 25kg wheat flour. Gradually put the ramen element into the container with 8.5-9.0kg water(various from the flour), wait until the foaming stopped and the water become clear again. Then mix the water with flour and wait 2-3 hours until the dough is ready.
2. For fast noodles:
      Lessen the quantity of water and other steps are the same with how to make fresh noodles. Fast noodles are easy to become brown after frying, and ramen element can prevent this phenomenon. The quantity of using is also 0.8%.
       This is for making Japanese ice-cream. You can make the ice cream with stable taste,flavor and color easily.
Used in filtering sediment for wine and beverage.    
Process of making wine* after fermentation
(Filtering)Yeast residue, tartaric or protein condensates may precipitate at the bottom of the container after fermentation. Remove the clear part to another container.
(Refiltering) Refiltering is necessary since the filtering process can not prevent the not precipitated impurities or the secondary precipitation after bottling.
[Next procedure]
(Add refiltering preparation) It is necessary to stir 15-20 minutes to ensure the preparation spread properly in the container.
(Confirmation of re filtering) Remove the clear part to another container when precipitation is found.
(Maturity) or (filtering ) There are maturity-filtering and filtering-maturity two ways.
(Maturity) or (filtering )

       The preparation contains sodium alginate, PCPP, diatomite and neutral aluminum silicate. National standard is needed to be a reference when using the preparation.
         Mustard processed by Japanese embedded technique.