Product: DF-100SDTM Complying with Federal and FDA  Regulations 21 CFR 182.3013 and 21 CFR 182.1320.

DF-100SD is a proprietary non-metallic  natural preservative with antioxidant properties useful in several industries.  
These industries include agricultural, cosmetics and as a general disinfectant  used for household and personal uses.

Chemical Description                      Active  Ingredients
Grapefruit  Seed Extract                    40% - 46.0%
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)                14% - 20.0%
(Primary source of Vitamin C is from the extract) 60.0%
Inert Ingredients
Glycerine USP                     37.0 % Moisture                     3.0 % (max) 40.0% Total  100.0% Appearance                              Liquid / Heavy Viscous
Color                                   Lemon yellow to golden brown
Specific Gravity                1.10 – 1.30
Density                      10
pH                               1.5 – 3.0 Flash Point                       292
Viscosity (Centistoke)                  134.91
Surface Tension, average of readings         40.0
Apparent Interfacial Tension                  5.0
True Corrected Interface Tension              4.5


DF-100SD is active against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms which attack products and contaminate process plants and equipment.

DF-100SD is water soluble, is easy to apply and incorporate in manufacturing formulations, and protects finished products from bacterial and fungal attack.


Avoid Breathing Vapor Full Strength if it is Heated               Proper ventilation is suggested for persons allergic or sensitive. Keep container closed when not in use.

May be Fatal and Harmful if Swallowed Full Strength           DO NOT induce vomiting. Give milk and white of egg beaten in water. Avoid all alcohol. Call a physician at once.

Do Not Spill DF-100SD Full Strength into Water Stream     DF-100SD in full strength is toxic to fish. Keep out of all bodies of water full strength. Do Not contaminate water by cleaning of equipment or disposal of wastes.


DF-100SD is shipped in various sized containers ranging from quart sized to 100 kg drums. All containers conform to I.C.C. specifications 17 E or 38 B.

In keeping with customary safety practices, each drum (prior to use) should be vented through the smaller of the two bungs with the drum in the upright position.

The operator should wear gloves for safety and the bung should be opened slowly to relieve pressure built up during shipment or storage. After venting,

replace the bung with a valve of suitable construction. Screw cap should be tightened securely after use to insure against leakage. Do Not store DF-100SD in unlined containers.


Store in an upright position with the bungs on top. Store away from heat, flame, sparks and combustible material. Do not store on the ground. Store drums or pails six inches off of the ground on wooden pallets.

Store DF-100SD on a first-in, first-out basis to avoid prolonged storage. Do Not reuse empty drums or pails. Return to drum reconditioner or destroy by perforating or crushing followed by proper disposal.


Avoid contacting other materials. All spills should be absorbed with sawdust, sand, paper towels, or an equivalent absorbent. The absorbent materials should then be removed and incinerated.

Final treatment of the area should be cleaned with soap and water. If it is impossible to incinerate the package, dispose of in accordance with any local laws and / or environmental protocols.


                                                             KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN

                              WARNING                                                   ANTIDOTE

DF-100SD may be harmful or fatal if swallowed               DO NOT induce vomiting. Give plenty of
in full strength.                                                                  milk and white of egg beaten in water.
                                                                                       Avoid all alcohol. Call a physician at once.

DO NOT get DF-100SD full strength in eyes, on                 External: Immediately flush skin with plenty
Skin or on clothing. Use rubber or plastic gloves,                 of water for at least 10-15 minutes and wash
Arm sleeves and aprons.                                                    With soap and water. Remove contaminated
                                                                                          Clothing and shoes. Wash clothing before

Avoid breathing vapor.                                                      Proper ventilation is suggested for persons
                                                                                        Allergic or sensitive. Keep container closed
                                                                                        When not in use.

Eye contact with DF-100SD full strength may             Eyes: Immediately flush with plenty of
Cause conjunctive and corneal injury                           water for at least 10-15 minutes. Prompt
                                                                                        Medical attention should be obtained.

DO NOT spill DF-100SD in water stream at full                  
Strength. This product, full strength, is toxic to
Fish. Keep out of any body of water. DO NOT
Contaminate water by cleaning of equipment
Or disposal of wastes.


DF-100SD compatible studies were determined by mixing dilute solutions of different product solutions which might be combined or incorporated in formulations.

Presence or absence of turbidity indicates the physical compatibilities. Therefore, final formulations should be carefully evaluated for both physical and product stability.
DF-100SD                                     DF-100SD                            DF-100SD
Compatible                                     Partially compatible               Incompatible
Nonionic agent                             potassium iodide                         anionic agents
Citric acid                                      sodium metasilicate          
Ascorbic acid
Acetic acid
Sodium acetate
Potassium hydroxide
Sodium sulfate
Sodium carbonate
Triton X 100
Isopropyl alcohol

The data presented herein is based on experiments and information believed to be accurate and reliable.

However, no warranty is made, either expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy of the results to be obtained from the use of such data.

Chemie Research and Manufacturing Co. Inc. will assume no responsibility for results or performance in products or processes over which we have no control.

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